This post is just for fun.  I’m not going to bother going back and worry about paragraph structure, etc.  I just wanted to write a fun piece about someone I really admire and love. If you have read any older posts of mine, you probably now know that I have celebrity obsessions.  Usually, I […]

A Trip To Detroit

Back in October 2017, I went to Detroit to see Queens of the Stone Age, at Fox Theatre.  The date of the show was October 17, 2017, which was exactly 5 months after Chris Cornell passed away.  This was symbolic to me because, the last show he played with Soundgarden, was at Fox Theatre, and […]

Oh Yeah…Jack White is My Husband

I went to go see Jack White, at Jacobs Pavilion, in Cleveland, OH, on June 6, 2018.  I had purchased the ticket in January, and basically counted the days, hours and minutes until the show. Out of all of my favorite musicians or celebrities in general, Jack is my favorite human, in the entire world. […]

I Think I’m Back…Again.

This isn’t going to be fancy.  This is just something I’ve been motivated to do because, a friend of mine, whom I met on Tumblr, posted something really interesting about writing.  She too is a writer and understands how hard it is to just…start writing. There is no theme.  This will just simply be me, […]

Arts in the Armed Forces

My first signifigant blog post about Adam Driver is going to be about his non-profit organization, that he created with Joanne Tucker called Arts in the Armed Forces (AITAF.) I am an older Star Wars fan, who actually saw the original trilogy in the theater when I was kid.  So, naturally, when Star Wars The […]

Where Have I Been?

It’s so damn sad how I have neglected this blog and I want to apologize, but, I have plenty of excuses as to why I haven’t.  It’s okay. I used to have a laptop but…now I don’t and typing with your thumbs, when your posts are generally lengthy, is painful.  I just bought a bluetooth […]

It’s not your fault, Will

Originally posted on quirkyrogue:
As much as I love Matt Damon, I seriously thought this movie was just an Oscar story. ? Oscar stories, you know. Judi Dench’s 8 minutes and Anne Hathway’s one song was better than the other nominees’ entire screentime. Gwynth Palthrow and Jennifer Lawrance might have had the screentime of a…

Forever Weird

I am pretty convinced that I will be an obsessive weirdo forever.  I live in my head and I have determined that one of the main reasons that I am still roaming the earth is because I fantasize and obsess about being connected to someone famous that I have never met. This week, is River […]